Who Is Robert Walker: Candidate For Precinct 1 Commissioner

WILLIS, TX – While 2020 is still 11 months away, candidates are already getting ready for the coming election cycle.
On January 15, 2019, Robert Walker, of Walker’s Feed and Farm, announced his candidacy for the Precinct 1 Commissioner’s Office, which is being vacated by retiring longtime Commissioner Mike Meador. According to Robert, the Walker family has lived in Montgomery County since 1876, and he actually still lives on some of the land his grandfather purchased. Walker started his business, Walker Feed and Farm, in 1993 with his wife, which has continued to grow and serve the needs of the residents in the area.
Walker has called Montgomery County home for his entire life, and as such, feels obligated to ensure the wellbeing of the community he calls home, “Montgomery County has always been my home, and I love my community. I have a vested interest in seeing that our county continues to represent our values as we experience tremendous growth.”
His love of the community is not the only reason he is running, however, “I’ve been a private business owner and operator for all of my adult life. I believe my private industry experience would be a great asset to the Commissioners Court.”
In particular, Walker wants to use his private sector experience to help the taxpayers, wanting to ensure true fiscal responsibility is put in place. “In the public sector, officials can increase taxes in order to make the budget balance. In the private sector, that is not an option. Just like every other home owner and business owner, I’ve had to tighten my belt and make tough decisions. If elected, I plan to bring that discipline to Commissioners Court. I think my fellow taxpayers will appreciate my attitude toward finances, as they are fiscally conservative,” said Walker.
Even though his campaign just got started, Walker is already looking forward to the next four years should he be elected. Walker explained that Precinct 1 should focus on attracting commercial business and road improvements.
“I want to ensure Montgomery County is an attractive place for companies to come, build their businesses, and to hire the best people in our nation: the citizens of Montgomery County,” said Walker. “Businesses pay more in taxes than residents, and the county doesn’t have to provide as many services to them as they do to homes. This increased revenue from businesses would mean that we could lower the tax burden on personal property owners.”
On the subject of road improvements in Precinct 1, current Commissioner Mike Meador has almost completed all of the major road projects entailed in the voter-approved 2015 road bond project. However, the needs for new roads and road improvements will continue to rise given the projected growth of Montgomery County over the next 20 years. Walker said, “We know our county is seeing tremendous growth and a lot of our infrastructure will have to be improved in order to move traffic, and most of that will be on state roads. As Commissioner, I would have a close relationship with the Houston Galveston Area Council to ensure we are getting every dime we can from the State of Texas to improve our roads.”
While the role of Commissioner can be a big job for anyone, Walker is ready to handle anything should he be elected to the office.
“I believe working in the private sector as a home builder, farm manager, and as a feed store owner since 1993, I’ve had a vast array of experiences with many industries and skill sets. I understand how to balance a budget, grow business, make tough decisions, and to get my hands dirty when the job calls for it,” said Walker. “These skills will be instrumental on Commissioners Court. Beyond balancing a budget and building roads, we’ve go to be responsive during times of disaster, such as Hurricane Harvey showed us. Sometimes we’re going to have to get our hands dirty and I’m not afraid to do that. I’m ready to jump into any role necessary, on day one.”
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